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JavaEE Localization and Internationalization

JavaEE Localization and Internationalization

JavaEE (Wikipedia) is collection of API and technologies to build enterprise software including web pages and applications. JavaEE contains several technologies and frameworks for web applications. Such frameworks are for exmple servlets, JSP, GSP, Spring MVC, Grails. Common for all there frameworks is that they use Java runtime and the internationalization classes of Java. The most important API is the Java resource bundles. All frameworks use these resources, .properties files, for localization.

There are several frameworks that work on top of JavaEE. It may be that the markup that the framework uses is not compatible to the standard .jsp or .gps markups. However if you use .properties resource files in your project Soluling can localize it.

Localization with Resource Files


Localization with Localized Files



GitHub and <data-dir>\Samples\JSP contains following samples:

Directory Description
Driving A simple driving time calculator sample that uses hard coded strings. JSP files are localized.
DrivingJavaScript As above but application uses also JavaScipt.
DrivingResx As Driving but hard coded strings have been replaced with calls to resource items. properties files are localized.
DrivingResxJavaScript As above but application uses also JavaScript.