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Database Items

Use this sheet to select the tables and fields that you want to localize. This sheet is part of the source dialog and Project Wizard.

Localization method

Specifies how the database is localized. Possible values are:

Method Description
Use localized fields, rows, or tables The database contains either language depend on fields, language-depend-tables, or language fields. The localized values are written in the same database as to where the original values are read from.
Create localized database files The database does not contain language-depend items. For each language, Soluling creates a new database with the same structure and items as the original, but the values of the selected fields have been localized.
This method can only be used with local file-based databases such as Access, SQLite, and SQL Server Compact.

If the database you have selected does not support creating localized database files, this group box is not visible.

Tables and fields

In addition to selecting the localization method, you have to select the fields that are localized. This depends on the localization method your table uses. Read more about selecting fields to be localized.

Visible field types

This group box contains field types that Soluling can localize. Check those what you want to be shown in the above tree. Possible field types are:

Data type Description
String If checked, the above tree contains strings fields.
Binary If checked, the above tree contains binary fields.
Boolean If checked, the above tree contains boolean fields.
Integer If checked, the above tree contains integer fields.
Float If checked, the above tree contains floating point fields.

By default, only string fields are checked. If you want to localize other but string field, check the check box for the data type.
Note! If you change these settings application needs to repopulate the tables and fields. This will remove your current table and field selections.