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Specifies options for Windows binary files such as .exe and .dll.


Specifies options for binary resources. Possible values are:

Option Description
Store data into the project file

If checked, Soluling stores the binary form data into the project file if data is required for visual editor or preview. Uncheck this if you want to make your project file smaller.
Note! By unchecking this might disable visual preview.

Scan only resources of the original language

If checked, only resources having the same language as the original language of this source are scanned.


Specifies options for dialogs and forms.

Option Description
Scan visual properties  
Scan fonts  
Scan styles  
Scan extended styles  


Specifies options for menus.

Option Description
Scan short cuts  
Scan options  
Scan types  
Scan states  


Specifies options for version resources.

Option Description
Scan numbers  
Scan filenames  
Update code pages  
Update language ids