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Soluling has several license levels:

Edition User role Description
Enterprise Developer Contains all features of Soluling, including the command line tool.
Professional Developer

Contains most platforms and features.

Personal Developer

Contains basic platforms and features.

Build Automation Build automation

Contains all features to scan and build from the command line.

Professional Translator Translator This is a license for translators. It has all the features that Enterprise has, but you can not create new projects, add new sources to an existing project, add new languages to existing projects, or scan projects for changes.
Basic Translator Translator This is like the Professional Translator edition, but most of the advanced features are excluded. This edition can be used to manually enter translations, but there are no importing, translation memories, spell checking, and translation validations. The translator can not create localized files or databases in order to test them.
The Basic edition is free of charge.

You can read a complete list of features of each edition from a feature matrix.
When you are evaluating Soluling, you can change the edition every time you start the application.
You can check the current license status by clicking the Options | License ribbon button.