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How to optimize the project file speed and size

When Soluling reads a project file, the whole project is loaded into memory.

Soluling project file is an XML based file. We have optimized its structure in such a way that the file size is as small as possible. Almost every property has a default value that is the value that is most likely the most common for that property. Default values are not stored in a project file. Because this is all built-in and turned on all the time, it is not possible to achieve any extra optimization by changing the project structure. This leaves the only other option - to drop off some data. You can affect that by not scanning images, audio, and other data types that take lots of space. Even disabling those properties, Soluling scans and stores a lot more than only strings that need to be localized. For example, when scanning user interface resources, also the layout information such as control positions and sizes are scanned and stored. To enable visual editors for translator also the original resource data bytes are scanned and stored.



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